Mega Daughter gave way to new suspicions !! Why did she delete that video ?

Niharika started her career with web series and later as an Anchor for several shows on television and later made an entry as a heroine. She made her entry as a heroine with ‘Oka Manasu’ starring Nagashourya as the hero. Her performance in the movie impressed everyone. However the movie did not play big. Movies like ‘Happy Wedding’ and ‘Surya kantham’ made after that didn’t even play big.

Then she came to the web series again. The following year, at the end of 2020, Chaitanya married Jonnalagadda and started a family life. Later even though she quit movies she remained active on social media. However, she recently deleted his Instagram account and made headlines. Everyone thought she did it when trolling happened for the gym workouts she did with Trainer.

She was found in a pub that had been raided by police recently. The task force police raided the pub with the intention of increasing drug use. His father Nagababu backtracked, saying there was nothing wrong with her finding the niharika there. Seeing all this, everyone thinks that her family life has been disturbed.

She recently deleted a video of her workouts with Gym Trainer. This means that everyone thinks that the video may have something wrong with her family life. On the other hand she recently started a web series as a producer. Niharika’s husband Chaitanya was also present at its inauguration. So, everyone is commenting that something is happening in her family.

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