Make a Parrot

Things needed:

A square of white cardpaper, measuring 10 cm x 10 cm; pencil; tracing paper; a tube of Fevicol glue; a small piece of green marble paper; red, green, black and brown paints and a paintbrush.


1. Trace out the parrot and branch shown here and then trace it out on the cardpaper.

2. Go over it with the pencil, making a thick outline.

3. Squeeze the Fevicol glue thickly all over the picture, being careful to keep inside the outline. Set aside to dry completely.

4. When the picture is completely dry, paint the parrot green, its crestandbeak red, the leaves green and the branch brown. Paint in the eye with black paint. Leave to dry.

5. Now cut out a wing from the green marble paper and stick it on the parrot. You can send it like a greeting card or hang it up on the wall.

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