Magazines are more than just a way to pass time while waiting at the doctor’s office. They can be a good way to keep up with trends and read up on issues in detail. But unlike newspapers, magazines are expensive. That’s where Magzter comes in. It gives you unlimited access to over 5,000 publications at a small subscription fee.

Why it’s fun:

** Variety: Most mainstream magazines are available on Magzter as soon as they hit the stands. From politics and business to health and entertainment, you can choose from a wide range of magazines, depending on your interest. The online magazines inlcude high-definition pictures, giving you the feel of reading the actual magazine.

** Sharing: Like video streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, Magzter allows you to share your subscription with two or more people. So the entire family or a group of friends can read the magazines you subscribe to.

How it helps:

** Students preparing for civil services and competitive exams usually subscribe to this site.

** Makes magazines affordable.

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