Lori Loughlin Is Getting Prepared For Prison If She Has to Serve Time

Lori Loughlin is getting prepared in case she has to serve prison time.

The 55-year-old actress has reportedly hired a prison expert to help her learn what to expect if she she is sentenced in the college admissions scandal trial, where she faces up to 50 years behind bars.

“She has someone who is advising her what to do in case she loses her case and goes to prison,” a source told People.

They added, “The advisor is there to help her learn the ropes. That’s not to be construed that she thinks she’s going to lose her case. Lori is a planner, and she is doing what she needs to do for all contingencies.”

The advisor will reportedly show her how to “keep herself safe,” including learning table manners and social interactions.

They continued, “She needs to keep a low profile if she’s incarcerated. Obviously, she’s going to stand out, because of all the publicity and because she’s a star. She can’t do anything about that. But she doesn’t want to stand out because she’s so green that she does the wrong things…She wants to understand what the experience will be like, and how to not only survive it, but flourish in it. She is looking at this whole thing as a learning experience, and this is one more thing that she’s trying to learn.”

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