Lokayukta website launched

The new website of Karnataka Lokayukta was launched on Thursday.

According to an official release, Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot, who inaugurated the website at the Lokayukta headquarters in the city, said the Lokayukta website has been upgraded to provide transparency in the functioning of the organisation and provide timely information to complainants, defendants, and the public.

Clean administration

He said the Karnataka Lokayukta Act was enacted in 1984 to independently and investigate complaints of negligence and office misconduct in the performance of the public employees with the intention of creating a clean administration, the release stated.

Mr. Gehlot said the Lokayukta is expected to make continuous efforts to develop cleanliness in public administration and to bring about clean governance, fairness and sensitivity thorough investigations and investigations based on complaint or self-motivation.

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