Link Road in Poonamalle lacks safety features

There are no speed-breakers, reflectors and zebra-crossings

With the number of multi-storey residential apartments along Link Road ever on the increase, accidents are getting more frequent than before. Link Road, which was recently widened, connects Vanagaram and Poonamallee.

The road lacks safety features such as a traffic signal, a zebra-crossing, reflectors, speed-breakers and signboards for ‘U’ turns and police patrol.

The Link Road is much patronised by people working at manufacturing units at Irunkattukotai and Sriperambadur; software companies in Ramapuram and students of a private medical college. Many healthcare institutions and commercial establishments have come up along the road (towards Poonamallee) to tap the new settlements. As the stretch is located off the Poonamallee High Road, many people prefer to use Link Road to reach Porur, St. Thomas Mount and Guindy rather than taking the congested stretches in the city. However, the Link Road witnesses complete lawlessness round the clock with vehicles from all directions try to cross the stretch at the available ‘U’ turn.

“Sand-laden lorries come at a high speed despite school children waiting to cross the stretch,” says K. Rajeshwari, a resident of Poonamallee. Also, trucks and lorries could be found parked on both sides of the stretch. For many months, space was left on the concrete to erect lamp posts for street lights on the stretch. However, Poonamallee Municipality citing fund crunch has not provided street lights yet. “Steps will be taken to improve the safety factor on the stretch,” says a State Highways official.

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