Like mohalle ki aunty: Twitter on Trump’s Kashmir remark

After United States President Donald Trump said he would love to play the role of “a mediator” on the “issue of Kashmir” between India and Pakistan, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said that the United States’ president has no idea what he is talking about.

Several Twitter users also jumped into the issue, saying the US president was “trying to interfere” in the Kashmir issue.

One Twitter user, @RoshanKrRai, wrote, “Trump is like mohalle ki aunty , trying to get involved in everything.”

Another Twitter user wrote, ” Now Trump ji is our saviour.”

A third user was quite scathing in his assessment of Trump. He wrote, “Trump is the most hated and most laughed at man at the same time in India right now. This man is a joker.”

Another netizen posted this image in reaction to Trump’s offer to mediate on Kashmir.

Here’s another funny take on the issue, courtesy a Twitter user — @ind_pol_noob. 

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