Landlady ‘abused’ previous tenant too

The woman who allegedly called her Kashmiri tenant a “terrorist”, allegedly meted out similar treatment to a 20-year-old student in 2019.

In September last year, Vasundhara Singh said she was abused, threatened and called a “spoilt girl, who takes drugs with boys” by Taruna Makhija, the owner of the accommodation. Ms. Singh said that when she moved into the house, she faced several issues like a non-functional AC, and soon decided to leave the house.

“Ms. Makhija refused to return my security deposit at that time,” Ms. Singh said. On September 7, Ms. Makhija “barged into my room, abused me, pulled my hair and tore my pyjamas,” said Ms. Singh, who is now preparing for her Masters

She had complained to the police but “have not heard from them since then”. Ms. Singh added that Ms. Makhija had also complained about her to the police.

On Wednesday night, Noor Bhatt, a resident of Ms. Makhija’s house in East of Kailash, alleged that she was attacked and abused by the owner. A case was registered based on Ms. Bhatt’s complaint. Ms. Makhija too complained about her. The complaints are being examined, the police said.

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