Kumaraswamy wants govt to declare teachers as ‘corona warriors’

Former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Monday urged the State Government to consider teachers as Corona Warriors and provide a compensation of ₹50 lakh to the family of the deceased.

“More than 145 teachers who worked during elections and taught children during Vidyagama programme in Kalyana Karnataka region have died due to COVID-19. In other places, the number of teachers who died due to COVID is not available. I urge the Government to pay ₹50 lakh as compensation to the family of deceased teachers,” he said on Twitter.

Stating that the teachers have paid their life while abiding by the instructions of the Government, he said that the Government has to take responsibility for the death of teachers since it had deployed them on election duty.

“Thousands of teachers are suffering from COVID 19 currently. Government has to take immediate measures to declare teachers as Corona Warriors and grant compensation to the families without any delay,” he said.

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