Krithishetti with A Pan India Star Prabhas??!

Krithishetti making decisions very carefully for her career. She has increased her fan following to an unexpected level of success for Uppena. No matter what role is given, Krithishetti is able to excel in that role., She received back-to-back blockbuster hits with films like Uppena, Shyam Singarai, Bangaraju, and also has a large number of films under her.

Star hero Prabhas starrer Saho and Radheshyam are known to have left some losses for the producers. Fans hope that Prabhas will get on the success track with Salar and Project K movies. However, along with these films, it is a information that Prabhas has given the green signal to a film directed by Maruti.

Information that this film will be released on a limited budget with Prabhas as the hero. The success of this film is crucial for Maruti too.Prabhas fans want to give Maruti a chance only if it achieves perfect commercial success. It seems that considering a few more titles for the film along with Raja Deluxe.

An official announcement regarding the Prabhas Maruti combo movie will be released soon.However, industry sources say that Krithishetti has been selected as Prabhas’s partner in this film. Many heroines have increased their range by starring in Prabhas movies. Her fans are of the opinion that if she acts in a Prabhas movie, the industrial life of Kriti Shetty will also change.

But, an official statement has to be released that Krithishetti is acting as Prabhas’s partner. Apart from Prabhas movie, Krithishetti is currently busy with three films. It remains to be seen whether Krittishetti will receive successes with future projects as well.

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