Kannada super star fire on RRR… Karnataka fans are not satisfied

Rajamouli’s film ‘RRR‘ is getting a positive response from all quarters. This film manages to entertain as well as inform, especially in the North. However, in Karnataka, the situation is reported to be reversed. Currently in Karnataka, there is a fierce rivalry between the two films ‘RRR’ and ‘James’. It is known that after the death of Kannada power star Puneet Rajkumar, his last film ‘James’ was released.

Now, James’ film is currently running in most theaters in Karnataka and impresses the audience. While the movie was running in theaters, they dropped Puneet’s movie for ‘RRR’ in 270 theaters simultaneously. Despite the hit talk, Kannada audiences are angry over the removal of their favorite hero movie for ‘RRR’. While many celebrities have praised the film, Kannada superstar Shivaraj Kumar seems to be unhappy.

Puneet Rajkumar’s brother Shivraj Kumar also expressed his displeasure over the order and apparently questioned the Kannada Film Chamber on the matter. How do you remove a movie that is being successfully screened in theaters with good collections..? Shivraj Kumar seems to be angry with the film chamber elders. It is unknown how much fact in this matter. Meanwhile.. Shivraj Kumar also participated in the ‘RRR’ movie promotions. He also has a good bond with NTR.

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