Kamal Haasan's hard work results in controversy statements!

The audiences worldwide have witnessed Kamal Haasan‘s blockbuster movie Vikram. The reason behind its success is nothing than the team’s hard work during its filming stage. The lead actor Kamal Haasan strived hard for the project to gain success, even by doing pushups to appear fit in the climax sequences.

It is also shown in the form of a video, which is shared by the director Lokesh Kanagaraj on the internet. As soon as the release of the video, some netizens on social media admired the Universal hero for his dedication at his age.

But on the other side, some netizens have criticised Kamal Haasan saying his big fat belly is seen in the video and some others are kidding on the actor, saying he is not capable of doing proper pushups. And, he also called as a show-off man by the baneful people.

Anyway, people who denounced the star actor, should recognize his hard attempts for his career. Moreover, as a matter of fact, there is no suitability for his deeds with his age. So, we advise Kamal Haasan to move on ahead without caring any unnecessary and false trolled posted by the netizens on social media.

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