Jurisdictional conflict arises between city, district police

The retrieval of a body from a water body near Nagarajapuram by the police turned out to be an affair that lasted nearly 10 hours on Tuesday, owing to a jurisdictional conflict that arose between the Coimbatore City Police and the Coimbatore District Police.

Police sources privy to the development said the local residents reported that a body of a man, estimated to be around 40 years old, was found in the water body with the head covered in a plastic bag. The Vadavalli police station, which comes under the Coimbatore District Police, did not proceed further with the investigation as they claimed that the particular spot of the water body, where the body was found, came under the jurisdiction of the Selvapuram police station that comes under the Coimbatore City Police.

However, the Selvapuram police passed the buck to the Vadavalli police claiming that the spot did not come under their jurisdiction. With both the police stations reaching an impasse, District Superintendent of Police Ara Arularasu consulted the Telungupalayam Village Administrative Officer in the afternoon. The VAO along with other Revenue Department officials surveyed the territory and issued a certificate that it came under the Selvapuram police station limits, the sources said.

Yet, the Coimbatore City Police maintained that the spot did not come under the Selvapuram police station. Finally, Mr. Arularasu asked the Vadavalli police to retrieve the body and send it to Coimbatore Medical College Hospital for autopsy.

A senior police officer with the Coimbatore District Police said the higher officials would take the decision regarding the Vadavalli police continuing with the investigation or transferring the case to Selvapuram police. Meanwhile, a top officer from Coimbatore City Police claimed that the issue had been resolved and that such conflicts would not occur again.

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