JNU student ‘raped’ by cabbie says police refused to help her

Victim wants legal action against police officers, accused; probe under way

A 21-year-old JNU student, who was allegedly raped by a cab driver in south Delhi, has levelled serious allegations on the conduct of Delhi police officers.

The victim, in her statement to the police, claimed that a female police officer refused to provide her assistance and that she was told to leave the police station at night.

Not carrying cell phone

On Sunday, the Delhi police registered an FIR against a cab driver for raping a woman passenger travelling in his vehicle. The woman was not carrying a mobile phone and the cab was booked by a “stranger” on the request of the woman.

The victim said she had taken a cab from in front of a temple in Mandir Marg on Friday around 8 p.m. It was a black car. During the ride, the driver started harassing her following which she slapped him. The driver stopped the cab and she got out of the vehicle but the driver allegedly followed her.

“He grabbed me by the hair and pushed me on a seat at a bus stop. He tied my eyes and sexually harassed me,” said the victim in her statement to the police.

The cab driver was drunk and dragged her to the car, pushed her inside and raped her, the woman alleged, adding that she kicked him and hit him with a bottle and managed to run away.

“I found a police station on the way where four officers, including two women officers, were present. A male officer asked me if he could drop me somewhere, but I said I am not comfortable with men and wanted the women to drop me,” said the victim in her statement.

“The women police officers refused to drop me and asked me to leave the police station because they work only from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.,” the victim added.

The victim in her statement said she wanted to take legal action against the driver and the police officers. She said she would be able to identity the cab driver.

The statement further stated that she went out of the police station and came across many autorickshaw drivers on the way who were allegedly catcalling to her.

Reached JNU in morning

“I took shelter at a park as it was raining. The security guards there said I would have to leave and I did. I found a place to hide at night and the next morning, I came to the IIT bus stop where I found a guy who offered to drop me. I took his help and reached JNU,” said the victim. She said she then went to the university’s medical centre reported the matter. From there she was taken to Safdurjung Hospital.

The Delhi police said that on August 4, the Mandir Marg police station received an information from Safdarjung Hospital regarding a woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted. A police team rushed to the hospital and the victim was medically examined. On the basis of her complaint and the medical examination report, an FIR was registered at Mandir Marg police station and an investigation was taken up.

“The incident was reported after two days. During the medical examination, no injury mark was found on the body of the victim,” read a statement issued by the police.

The statement by the police also said that besides the delayed reporting of the incident, there are some other inconsistencies in the version of the victim that are being verified. Teams have been constituted to apprehend the alleged offender and an investigation is under way, it said,

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