Jharkhand unveils new logo

It reflects the State’s rich cultural heritage, age-old traditions, musical instruments, folklore and dance

The Hemant Soren government in Jharkhand on Friday unveiled the new State logo at Ranchi on the eve of 74th Independence Day.

The logo was launched in the presence of Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu, Chief Minister Mr. Soren, Speaker Rabindra Nath Mahto and Rajya Sabha member Sibu Soren.

The State logo is circular in size with the Emblem of India placed at the centre. The National Emblem is enclosed in concentric circles depicting Jharkhand’s culture and its abundant natural resources.

“While the Ashoka pillar at the centre is the state emblem of the country, it also represents Jharkhand’s sovereignty. It signifies that Jharkhand is a partner in country’s development,” said Mr. Soren.

According to him, Jharkhand’s rich cultural heritage, age-old traditions, musical instruments, folklore and dance are reflected in the new logo. The logo accommodates ‘Palash flower’ (Butea monosperma), which is the State flower of Jharkhand. Its bright red colour represents Jharkhand’s beauty and the struggle of people.

Mineral resources

The presence of green colour symbolises Jharkhand’s huge green and mineral resources and it is also a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Elephant, Jharkhand’s State animal, loves discipline and the animal does not lag behind in confronting if it is needled, according to the Chief Minister.

“The sons of soil of Jharkhand have fought a long battle for the freedom of the country. Hundreds of freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives. Jharkhand is playing a significant role in the country’s development. Besides, our labourers are bringing prosperity in other States through their labour,” he pointed out.

“The tribal-dominated State always believes in collective efforts. The State’s new logo is an agent of change. The logo reflects Jharkhand’s sentiment,” said Mr. Soren.

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