Jabardasth Actor health condition deteriorates, unable to walk

The television audience needs no special introduction about this Jabardasth comedian who makes people laugh heartily with his own comedy and punch dialogues. There is bad news! Jabardasth actor Punch Prasad’ health condition has worsened. The actor, who has been suffering from kidney-related ailment for some years, is now facing a new problem. He is undergoing dialysis day in and day out due to failure of both kidneys. But now Punch Prasad is unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair.

Another Jabardasth shared this through YouTube channel. . In this video, Punch Prasad’s legs are swollen and he  is unable to walk. He  is taking the help of his wife to move. Punch  Prasad’s wife said, ‘One day after finishing shooting, he said he had a fever and went to bed. He said that after getting up, he gets back pain. I took the doctor’s advice and gave him a painkiller and went for dialysis the next day.  The fever and back pain did not subside, so we took him to the hospital again. Doctors conducted the tests. 

Doctors are yet to conduct further tests and have to ascertain whether this condition of comedian Prasad could be cured through medicines or a medical surgery is needed.  Let’s hope he recovers soon with the medical aid.

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