ITMS to streamline traffic movement, pull up erring motorists in Kochi

Traffic management system to be commissioned today

The commissioning of the Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) to streamline traffic movement and to aid in rule enforcement in the Greater Kochi area on Monday will see motorists indulging in rule violations being held accountable like never before.

The automated enforcement system would also help detect vehicles that defaulted in appearing for fitness test and paying of vehicle tax and insurance premium, said sources in the Motor Vehicles Department and the traffic police, the two key stakeholders engaged in traffic rule enforcement.

Vahan portal

“Already, the Vahan portal has all relevant and updated data of vehicles, except whether the vehicle has a valid pollution under control certificate. Offences, be it rash driving, not adhering to lane discipline (or zigzagging on the road), riding without helmet or seat belt, driving a car with tinted glasses or one with unauthorised alterations or improper registration number plates, will be tracked from the confines of the control room,” said a senior MVD official.

An initiative of Cochin Smart Mission Limited (CSML), the Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation (Keltron) installed the high resolution CCTVs and other equipment needed for the project.

The automated system relies on artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled cameras to keep track of rule violators and traffic pattern. This will considerably lessen the need for physical presence of enforcement personnel on roads. Details of vehicles registered in other States too can be kept tab of, by verifying with the Vahan portal. Challans will be generated for different offences and sent to the vehicle owner, who has to remit the fine and do remedial measures on the vehicle if it so warrants. Any non-payment of fine would result in the owner having to pursue the matter before the court, said official sources.

MVD interceptors

Meanwhile, the MVD is gearing up to intensify checking using four interceptor vehicles that it has in the district. The vehicles have modern equipment to scientifically verify offences. They include alcometer to ascertain whether a person is driving under the influence of alcohol, equipment to measure the transparency of windows or windshield, one to measure the intensity of headlights and decibel meter to measure the intensity of horns. The vehicles also have speed radar to nab motorists who exceed the speed limit.

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