ISO certification for Apollo TeleHealth

COVID crisis has made telemedicine very vital

Apollo TeleHealth (ATH), on Friday, obtained world class quality certification of ISO 13131:2021 presented by the British Standards Institution (BSI) providing focus on quality and risk management methods required for remote healthcare services.

While the ISO certification offers recommendations on standards that can be used to help in the development of telehealth services, the responsibility for developing appropriate guidelines for each health service remains with each organisation, said a press release.

“It is vital that we employ strict processes to ensure quality in the delivery of telehealth services. This certification recognises our industry leadership in developing and deploying user-friendly technological solutions and the high standard for medical services across our platform,” said founder-chairman, Apollo Hospitals, Dr. Prathap C. Reddy.

“The process of providing healthcare to suburban and rural areas by adopting information and communication technology through the telemedicine platform started in 1999 itself. After more than two decades, ATH is the largest multi-specialty telemedicine network with more than 13 million lives touched having over 800 public health centres, about 100 franchised tele-clinics and point of presence through 3.5 lakh common service centres,” informed joint MD Sangita Reddy.

ATH CEO Vikram Thaploo said that COVID crisis has made telemedicine mainstream and the company is geared to meet the challenge by providing tele-consultations to thousands of patients. “We are dedicated to constant improvement and development and already thinking in terms of a post-COVID telemedicine landscape,” he said.

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