Is Paswan family for continuing stay at 12 Janpath?

A bust was put up few days ago and family has established a Ram Vilas Paswan Memorial Trust

Less than a year after his death, a bust of Ram Vilas Paswan at 12 Janpath, where he lived for more than 31 years, has sparked a controversy of a possible effort by his family to continue on in the house.

Paswan died on October 8 due to prolonged illness.

The bust was put up few days ago and the family has established a Ram Vilas Paswan Memorial Trust.

Sources close to his son, Chirag Paswan, said the family did not want to hold on to the bungalow. Mr. Paswan, who is the MP from Jamui, has been allotted 23 North Avenue and he has asked for an upgrade. “The bust was put up by Ram Vilas ji’s supporters as a tribute to him. It is ridiculous to say that we must not put up his pictures or bust. And we will take the bust wherever we shift,” a close aide of Mr. Paswan said.

To garner sympathy?

The Chirag Paswan faction of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP ) feels that an eviction from 12 Janpath, which has been his father’s house since 1989, will only further help him in garnering sympathy. As part of his ‘Ashirwaad Yatra’, he has covered 26 districts in Bihar so far.

Wherever he goes, people are showering a lot of love on him because they feel that after losing his father, his uncle betrayed him,” another leader from the Chirag faction said.

The family, as per the rules of the Directorate of Estates of the Union Urban Development Ministry, had been served vacation notice within 15 days of Ram Vilas Paswan’s death. Since 2014, the government has been very strict on squatters who continue in the highly coveted Lutyen’s bungalows.

In a similar situation, Neeraj Shekhar, son of former Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar, was evicted from his 3 South Avenue bungalow. He had managed to hold on to the bungalow long after his father’s death in July 2007. But in December 2014, after the Modi government took over, he was forced to leave the house, even though he was a Rajya Sabha member then. The government did not allow him to stay in an the accommodation which was above his entitlement.

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