Is Kalyani proving a worthy candidate in Bigg Boss 4?

Danger bells are on for Karate Kalyani a few days back. Many have thought that she might be eliminated in the first week itself and thankfully she wasn’t nominated that week. However, in the second week, she nominated herself voluntarily. Many have thought that she might be eliminated.

However, from the past few days, the opinion is changing. Kalyani is proving to be sensible. She is learning from her mistakes and proving to be a worthy candidate. She is a good cook. As a senior, she is guiding well. Kalyani has proved the other day that she is a great performer too.

In yesterday’s task, Karate Kalyani as a nagging mother-in-law was too good. She has done well. Karate Kalyani has impressed the audiences. Besides all this, she is a great entertainer too. There is some chemistry between Amma Rajasekhar and Karate Kalyani and both are providing good entertainment.

She is sportive too. With all the qualities, will Karate Kalyani manage to survive this week?

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