Irrigation Department recommends closure of pipeline linked to Periyar

Facility connecting Periyar and Edayattuchal no longer useful

The Irrigation Department has recommended closure of the pipeline connecting the Periyar and Edayattuchal in Edayar here.

The proposal was made based on the inference that the pipeline, which was set up to water the Edayattuchal paddy fields using water from the Periyar, was no longer serving the intended purpose. With the water levels receding in summer, the pumping of water from the river was not possible as the mouth of the pipeline was situated above the water level. The department made its recommendation after an inspection in June revealed a six-inch diameter unauthorised outlet into the pipeline. Effluents black in colour were detected from the illegal source into the pipeline. The digging work was carried out after the National Green Tribunal asked the authorities to speed up the action plan on rejuvenating the Edayattuchal hit by pollution. The State Level Monitoring Committee on Solid Waste Management appointed by the tribunal had reported about the possible illegal outlets into the pipeline connecting the river and Edayattuchal. The illegal outlet was later sealed by the officials involved in the work.

The department has suggested that a pumping system be installed near the Pathalam regulator to divert water from the river as an alternative to the technical hurdles in routing the water through the existing pipeline. A pipeline could be laid along the road connecting the distribution point near the regulator and Edayattuchal. The proposal has been shared with the Pollution Control Board and the Department of Industries.

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