‘Intellectually challenged students being deprived of hi-tech facilities’

Special educators not updated enough for proper use of technology, says Parivar

Hi-tech status of government schools in the State is being celebrated. But how far is the claim genuine, when the facilities available for normal students are being denied to students with intellectual disabilities?

Under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016, intellectually challenged students are to be provided with the same facilities that normal students enjoy at schools. While normal students have access to facilities like laptop computers and smart classrooms in hi-tech schools, intellectually challenged students do not even get their rightful resource rooms, according to the State unit of Parivar under the National Confederation of Parents Organisations (NCPO) for the welfare of intellectually challenged persons. “Our children still wait for the mercy of non-governmental organisations for simple requirements such as adaptive and sensory devices,” said Thekkayil Rajan, district president of Parivar.

He added that though schools had become hi-tech, social justice is non-existent as far as intellectually challenged students are concerned.

Parivar claimed that online sessions for intellectually challenged students were deplorable.

“The classes are so boring, as teachers are not updated enough to use technology to make the sessions interesting. While virtual reality and visual aids are being used for normal students, intellectually challenged students get no such treats,” said M.P. Karunakaran, State president of Parivar.

“Complaints have been raised about the standard of special educators. We do not even have permanent posts for special educators. Those we have now have been appointed under some projects,” Mr. Karunakaran added.

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