Indian Wolf sighted for the first time in Andhra Pradesh

Their presence was recorded at Papikonda National Park in the Eastern Ghats

The Indian Wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) was sighted for the first time in the Papikonda National Park in the northern Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh, leaving wildlife authorities delighted.

Divisional Forest Officer (Wildlife-Rajamahendravaram) Anant Shankar told The Hindu: “At least three Indian Wolves were sighted and photographed during the survey in the park in late 2018. A pair of Indian Wolves were sighted in the West Godavari forest cover in the park, while another was found in the East Godavari forest cover.”

PNP Project Scientist Kumpatla Balaji and Anant Shankar have been engaged in documenting the Indian Wolf in the park, tracing its movements through camera traps.

“The research done earlier on the PNP confirmed the presence of the Indian Wolf and it has been sighted for the first time. The sighting establishes the presence of a new species to be added to the list of wildlife diversity in the Northern Eastern Ghats,” said Mr. Balaji.

“Though the conservation status of the Indian Wolf is ‘Least Concern’ on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the new species found in the PNP speaks of the state of conservation of the national park.” added Mr. Balaji.

The Indian Wolf falls under the Schedule-I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

Mr. Ananth Shankar and Mr. Balaji have recently submitted a scientific paper on the presence of the Indian Wolf to the Forest Department.

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