Increased testing today and tomorrow

Target is to conduct 3.75 lakh tests

Alarmed over the steadily rising COVID-19 case graph, the Health Department is yet again organising an augmented testing drive on Thursday and Friday, when 3.75 lakh tests will be done, focussing on those areas where disease transmission has been sustained as well as special vulnerable groups at high risk of contracting COVID.

In a statement here on Wednesday, Health Minister Veena George said that the idea was to identify pockets where new cases were being reported continuously as well as identify new segment of population and area where new cases are reported. The results of the two days’ intensified testing drive would be analysed for planning further containment measures.

The focus

This time, the focus will be on testing those with influenza-like illnesses, Severe Acute Respiratory Infection; those with diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases; those less than 45 years but who have regular or increased social interactions, unvaccinated persons above 45 years, those who have been in contact with known COVID patients; all persons who come to OP clinics, those who come to non-COVID clinics (as per doctor’s instructions) etc.

The testing population would also include pregnant women, care home inmates as well as children from areas where Delta and Delta Plus variants were reported. The general public is also being encouraged to walk in for COVID tests.

Both RT-PCR and rapid antigen tests would be employed and the former would be done in each district as per the capacity in districts. All test results are to be entered in the LDMS portal within 24 hours, a directive issued by the Health Secretary said.

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