Illuminated rail museum a great draw

The Rail Museum, which will be illuminated daily till October 15 to mark Dasara, is drawing good response from the public.

The exhibition, which is normally closed to visitors after 6 p.m., is being kept open till 8 p.m. so as to enable the public to visit the place and view the exhibits at night.

All the outdoor exhibits such as vintage steam locomotives, coaches, inspection carriages, goods wagons, crane, and toy train have been illuminated and provides a new experience for the visitors.

The rail museum was out of the itinerary of most tourists and even local people till it was restored in March 2020 at a cost of nearly ₹9 crore and thrown open to the public.

But soon after, it had to be shut due to the pandemic-induced lockdown. However, the major renovation of the museum has resulted in an increase in the number of visitors. The authorities hope to have more number of visitors from this weekend and the ensuing festival holidays.

On Friday, almost 1,000 people visited the museum of which at least half turned up after sunset to view the illuminated exhibits. “If not for the overcast sky the turnout would have been larger and we expect the numbers to go up in the days ahead’’, said the authorities manning the museum .

The redesigned museum with its contemporary design blends the with the railway heritage and the exhibits have been restored by experts. The authorities have also said that there will be no weekly holiday for the museum on October 12 so as to benefit the public.

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