Hucheshwara Temple in Halebidu suffers damage

The structure of Hucheshwara Temple, in the premises of Hoysaleshwara Temple complex in Halebidu in Belur taluk, suffered damage after plants and shrubs grown around the structure were put on fire, violating norms to maintain protected monuments.

The local office of the Archaeological Survey of India had hired workers to clear the vegetation around the structure on Friday. The workers, who cleared the area using machines, set the cut plants ablaze, causing damage to the structure.

Following this, the temple structure has been covered with thick ash. The local people have expressed fear that the fire could have damaged the old structure as well. They have blamed the negligence of the local officials for the act.

Kishor Kumar Reddy, Conservation Assistant at Halebidu, told The Hindu that some workers did the mistake, while clearing the vegetation. “It is a small issue, nothing serious. There is no serious damage to the temple structure,” he said.

An officer of the ASI told The Hindu that the clearance of vegetation in any monument has to be done systematically. “The workers have to clear the plants, if any, manually, without using machines. And, there is no provision to set ablaze the green waste,” he said.

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