How would you rate Chennai on cleanliness?

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Chennai’s performance keeps improving — 235 in 2017; 100 in 2018; 61 in 2019; and its best (45) in 2020 — but the top-ten ranking has proved elusive.

In 2020, the city won the ‘Best innovative practices in Solid Waste Management’ title, among mega cities with a population of above 40 lakh.

Solid waste management experts point out that Chennai is a laggard in citizens’ feedback. As per last count, only 2525 residents have signed Greater Chennai Corporation’s ‘Swachhata Pledge’. A city would be judged also for citizens’ participation in the survey.

A. Krishnapriya of Saahas, a non-profit waste management firm, says every citizen should take the survey, irrespective of how they see their city.

Preparations elsewhere

In Indore, which has stood first four years on the trot, the municipal corporation spotlights the survey through messages and jingles in public places, from January to March.

“Over 500 staff of the Corporation’s four solid waste management partners go from door to door, explaining the seven questions in Citizens’ Feedback. Government departments carry the survey link prominently on their official pages, including on social media. Every Sunday, activities at public places highlight what is being done to keep the city clean,” says Captain Sunpreet, director, Human Matrix.

In Visakhapatnam, each ward under Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation raises awareness about the survey. A report in The Hindu says Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation conducted a mock survey ahead of the real one. In Bengaluru, officials in the solid waste management department use social media as an awareness tool.

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