HIT 2 Twitter Review

HIT 2  Twitter review/Live update: Adivi Sesh starrer crime thriller drama HIT 2 has finally hit the theatres. Many on twitter are sharing their reviews after watching  this drama HIT 2.  We bring you some viewers’ verdict/  review  on this movie HIT 2 shared on Twitter.

Chai Biscuit: Completely Edge of the seat Second Half with crazy scenes and riveting BGM Hit 2 #HIT2 First Half…. Absorbingly setup initial portions with very Hooking pre interval scenes and ending with a Banngg interval…

 Venky Review: #HIT2 A Pretty Good Crime Investigative Thriller! First half is alright and is merely a setup but the second half runs on an engaging note with good climax portion. Director has done a good job with making the film tight with good twists. Rating: 3/5 #HIT2 Average 1st Half with an Interesting Interval Sequence! Pretty regular crime thriller so far. First half is mainly a setup which only gets interesting towards the interval. BGM is weak

 Indian Box office: #Hit2 is a brilliantly made thriller with good performances from the lead pair. Director has succeeded in maintaining the suspense throughout the movie. #AdiviSesh hits it out of the park again with his impeccable performance. Movie ends well and leads the audience into #Hit3

 AK : #HIT2 (2022 – Telugu) Decent first half. Good 2nd half Gripping screenplay. Perfect runtime. Nani cameo GOOD crime investigation thriller7.25/10

 Cury: #HITMovie is a typical investigative thriller following all the genre troupes. It fails to break any cliches and consistently remains at a decent level throughout. Give it a try, if you like thrillers.

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