Highlight U.P.’s achievements, Adityanath urges BJP media team

Party often on back foot on social media, says Chief Minister

Despite having a large organisation and public support, the BJP often finds itself on the “back foot” on some issues on social media, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Monday as as he advised media panelists and spokespersons of the party to increase their activity ahead of the 2022 Assembly polls.

Mr. Adityanath told them to not only “get into the habit of writing” but also update themselves and issue statements on a daily basis at all levels — State, district and local — to publicize the “achievements” of the BJP government.

Addressing party panelists and spokespersons at a workshop ahead of the elections, Mr. Adityanath noted that "those who have no existence on the ground, they try to troll us and our campaigns on social media."

He continued, “But despite our strong organisation, massive mass base and followers, sometimes we find ourselves on the back foot.”

Asking the BJP’s media team to gear up for the “battle”, Mr. Adityanath asked them to repeat the achievements of the government even after a particular issue or event was over. He also told them to ensure that the beneficiaries of the various welfare schemes in the State understand that they secured the benefits due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while making sure that the credit did not go to the Opposition in any way.

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