Here are the ‘hot jobs’ in sales and tech space witnessing salary increment amid Covid: Report

The report says the increase in salary is not only within Sales and IT but has also extended to 'super-specialised' jobs which are being heavily rewarded and have witnessed a salary increment of over 11 per cent.

At a time when IT and sales have become the backbone of businesses, the demand for their job profiles has ramped up, along with an increase in salaries. According to the recent ‘TeamLease Jobs & Salaries Primer Report 2021’, the average growth of salary for talent in IT and sales functions was 8.55 per cent and 9.82 per cent, respectively.

The report says the increase in salary is not only within sales and IT but has also extended to super specialised jobs which are being heavily rewarded and have witnessed a salary increment of over 11 per cent.

‘Covid proof’ jobs that weathered the pandemic have also been highlighted in the report. These are the jobs that were unaffected during the second wave and are also experiencing a steady growth in demand. Three sectors — Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare and Allied Industries and Technology & Knowledge Services — have witnessed a 10 per cent salary growth. The top-paying cities with over 12 per cent increment are Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata, the report says.

Some of the in-demand jobs are Artificial Intelligence Specialist – (BPO and IT Enabled Services), Augmented Reality Expert – (Ecommerce and Tech Start-ups), Genomic Portfolio Director – (Healthcare and Allied Industries), Master Edge Computing – (Information Technology and Knowledge Services), Digital Imaging Leader – (Retail)

Super-specialised jobs have recorded a minimum and maximum salary increment of 4.26 per cent and 11.22 per cent respectively. Agriculture and Agrochemicals, Automobile & Allied, Construction & Real Estate, Ecommerce and Tech Start-ups, Educational Services, Media and Entertainment, Power and Energy, Retail, Telecommunication are some of the fields where the super-specialised jobs have seen a significant amount of growth.

Top profiles in this space are Banking Trainer – (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance: 11.32 per cent salary growth), Compliance Officer (Construction & Real Estate: 11.10 per cent), Software Test Specialist (Information Technology and Knowledge Services –10.58 per cent)

Since lockdowns began to lift across the country, sales hiring climbed the ladder with ‘Brand Center executive’, ‘Merchant Relationship Executive’, ‘CRM and Sales Administrator’, and ‘Influencer Marketer’ taking the limelight. Meanwhile, in the IT sector, profiles like SQL Analyst, UI Designer, Software Test Specialist, and IT Infrastructure Engineer were in demand across sectors.

In Delhi, healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector came on top with a maximum growth of 10.33 per cent salary growth.

Meanwhile, Covid-proof jobs have also gained the limelight. The report states that the market demand for these jobs are likely to increase despite the disaster that the second Covid wave caused and employers continue to hire people to turn their head towards the Covid storm.

Profiles like Market Development Officer in Agriculture and Agrochemicals sector have performed well with around 10 per cent salary growth. Merchant Relationship Executive at Ecommerce and Tech Start-ups have recorded a salary growth of around 9 per cent.

Sectors that are likely to benefit in business continuity in ‘Work from Home’ profiles are Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, BPO & ITs, E-Commerce & Tech Startups, Educational Services, Information Technology and Knowledge Services.

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