Heinous crimes see dip in Villupuram

Strict surveillance on history-sheeters and anti-social gangs was the reason behind the decline, says Superintendent of Police

Strict surveillance and shadowing of rowdies and history-sheeters by the Villupuram district police has brought down the number of heinous crimes, especially murders in the district this year. According to Superintendent of Police N. Shreenatha, as many as 23 murder cases were reported till December 28 this year as against 43 in the previous year.

“This was possible, thanks to the strict surveillance by the police against the anti-social gangs and history-sheeters. Special teams were deployed to keep close surveillance on the activities of rowdies and to curtail them. The teams had been maintaining a tab on the movement of gangsters and this was directly monitored by senior police officers in the district,” he said.

The number of heinous crimes, including murder, attempted murder, robbery, rape and molestation of women in 2021 was 201 as against 225 in 2020.

Sixty-five habitual offenders and history-sheeters have been detained under the Goondas Act this year as against 53 the previous year. The district police recovered property worth ₹1.82 crore of the ₹3.45 crore worth stolen property in 2021 and closed the year with figures of 55% detection and 53% recovery.

However, the number of fatal accidents increased for the first time in four years. In 2021, the number of fatal accidents increased to 430 as against 420 the previous year, police said.

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