Head Constable gets out-of-turn promotion

Seema Dhaka, the first in city to achieve the distinction, had rescued 76 children

Seema Dhaka, Head Constable at the Samaypur Badli Police Station, became the first police personnel in Delhi to be granted ‘out-of-turn promotion’ under the incentive scheme. She had traced 76 missing children, out of which 56 were under the age of 14, officers said on Wednesday.

On August 7, Delhi Police Commissioner S.N. Shrivastava had announced the grant of additional incentives, including out-of-turn promotion, for any Constable or Head Constable who rescues 50 or more missing children below 14 years…within 12 months. At least 15 children should be aged less than eight years.

Moreover, Asadharan Karya Puraskar was announced for those who rescued 15 or more missing children below 14 years — five out of them aged less than eight years — within 12 months.

Not just Delhi

These 76 children were reported missing from various police stations of Delhi and Ms. Dhaka had put sincere efforts and traced them within a span of two and half months from the national capital and other States.

Ms. Dhaka said that she has rescued these children not only from Delhi but also from other States. She rescued two children from West Bengal, two from Hoshiyarpur district of Punjab and several from Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Noida, Bihar etc.

“There was a painstaking case in which a girl studying in Class 8 was kidnapped by her neighbour in Alipur area and sold to a man in Meerut. After four years, the girl’s parent received a call from her. They came to me crying and wanted to see their daughter. Following protocols, I traced the location of the mobile phone and rescued her,” said Ms Dhaka.

Driven by service

By the time she was recovered, she was already a mother of two, she added. “A lot of times I went for raid in NCR on my own expense because at the end, the smile of the parents meeting their children after a long time matters to me. I live in a joint family and get a lot of support,” added Ms. Dhaka.

She joined the force on July 3, 2006. After her promotion, she was posted in South-East district till 2012. She was later transferred to Outer district in 2012 and from there, she went to Rohini and later to OutervNorth, the police said.

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