HAV protests against memorial

The Hindu Aikya Vedi staged a protest in front of the District Panchayat office here on Wednesday condemning the civic body’s move to build a memorial for the 1921 Malabar Rebellion leader Variyamkunnath Kunhahamed Haji. Inaugurating the protest, Hindu Aikya Vedi State working president Valsan Thillankeri said that honouring Variyamkunnath would be a challenge not only to Hindus but also to humanity.

He said some people pretending to be secular were trying to whitewash the Mapila Rebellion in its centenary year. He said the rebellion was a one-sided attack against the Hindus. According to Mr. Thillankeri, most people in Malappuram had converted to Islam out of fear. Aikya Vedi district vice president Varier S. Das presided over the event.

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