Gurthunda Seethakalam Movie Review & Rating!

Satyadev (Hero)
Tamanna (Heroine)
Suhasini, Megha Akash, Kavya Shetty, Priyadarshi (Cast)
Nagasekhar (Director)
Nagasekhar, Bhavana Ravi, MS Reddy, Chinnababu (Producer)
Kala Bhairava (Music)
Satya Hegde (Cinematography)

Rating: 2/5

Satyadev, who gained national recognition as an actor with the films “Godfather, Ram Setu”, starred in the film “Gurtunda Seethakalam”. The remake of Kannada hit “Love Mac Tail” has finally hit the theaters. Let’s see if Satyadev, who has earned a special recognition as an actor, can achieve that level of success as a hero..!!

Story: Dev (Satyadev) had many problems with different love partners at different stages since childhood.. Finally, Dev (Satyadev) marries Nidhi (Tamanna) of his choice and settles down. If the life that was going on happily until then will sink into the abyss. How did the journey of Dev Love actually begin? What obstacles did he face? How did he progress in his love journey? is the plot of “Gurthunda Seethakalam”.

Performance of Actors: As an actor, Satyadev has nothing to name. However.. some roles are not set for some. This Dev is a role that is not suitable for Satyadev. Especially Satyadev worked hard to look and act as a young dev, and the audience was troubled to see it. Hence people could not connect with Dev’s character. Megha Akash, Tamannaah and Kavyashetty felt no problem as heroines. As the hero’s friend, Priyadarshi entertains with good comedy dialogues.

 As a music director, Kalabhairava misses his mark with every film. He failed to impress with a single song in the films Cover Photo, Tindumanda Vintram. Also.. the background music is also missing his mark. Satya Hegde’s cinematography alone is the saving grace of the entire film. Visually, “Gurtunda Vintram” gave some relief to the audience.

The big minus is that director Nagasekhar made the film in Telugu without making any changes in the Kannada version. Darling Krishna, who provided the story and direction for the Kannada version, also acted as the hero. He wrote the scenes to suit his body language. But.. Nagasekhar did not write the scenes in Telugu to match Satyadev’s body language & looks. Hence the whole movie is very boring. Also.. Not only did he not have chemistry with even one heroine who appeared next to Satyadev.. no one even got a suit.

Analysis: “Gurtunda Seethakalam” is a film made without considering the fact that minimal changes and additions are not possible in a remake movie. This movie proved that this kind of lover boy roles do not suit Satyadev.

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