Gold chain goes missing from COVID-19 victim’s body

The family of a 54-year-old woman from Sanpada who died of COVID-19 has filed a police complaint after they noticed that a 10 gram gold chain of the victim was missing when Vashi General Hospital authorities handed over the body.

The woman, a native of Kerala, was admitted to the hospital with body pain on May 13. She was declared dead on May 20. The family only received her earrings and mobile phone when they went to collect the body the next day.

Since the family is in home quarantine, they could not visit the police station to file a complaint. They then emailed a complaint to the Commissioner of Police of Navi Mumbai, who forwarded the message to the zonal office.

The victim’s daughter said, “The doctors told us she was disoriented during the last three days and someone could have taken advantage of her poor health.”

She said a staff nurse visited her mother on May 18. She said, “We had asked her to visit my mother and she helped her clean up and combed her hair. When we later spoke to the nurse, she said she had not seen any chain. This means it was stolen when she was alive.”

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