Garbage dumped near GH irks residents

E.V.R Street behind the Tiruchi Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital has become a dumping ground for domestic waste. Sanitary workers blame the residents, claiming that they do not hand over the waste when the waste collection vehicles go to collect them.

E.V.R. Street is home to a few apartment complexes and a hostel. A few small shacks serving breakfast also line the street, which is cluttered with plastic and food waste. The buildings are inhabited by wealthy individuals but the road facing the buildings is in a poor state.

Breeding of mosquitoes and other insects could cause infections, residents said. The eateries which serve food dump food waste wrapped in banana leaves here. It leads to dogs and pigs feeding on them, they added.

Amid a pandemic, one’s surroundings must be maintained in a neat and tidy manner but quite the opposite was happening, said M. Bharathi, a resident. Residents who miss the garbage collection vehicles dump their garbage bags at night or when they leave for work in the morning, she added.

The Tiruchi Corporation had declared that nearly 95% of the large bins which were placed across the city were removed to make way for door-to-door collection of waste. ‘The plan backfired as the sanitary workers themselves sometimes dump the waste here. Residents do not take up the responsibility of keeping their surroundings clean. They only want the waste out of their homes,’ Saindhavi, another resident said. A permanent solution would be the restoration of the bins, she added.

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