Fuel price hike: Congress cadres ‘submit’ petition to Gandhi’s statue

Seeking the intervention of Mahatma Gandhi for reducing the fuel price, the Congress cadres ‘submitted’ a petition to the statue of the Father of the Nation at Thatchanallur here on Monday.

Led by Tirunelveli city district president of Congress, Sankarapandian, the party cadres submitted the petition to the Mahatma Gandhi Statue at Thatchanallur.

In the petition, the protestors said the Narendra Modi-led BJP Government at the Centre, which was pursuing anti-poor and pro-rich policies over the past eight years, had taken no step for the uplift of the downtrodden even during the pandemic. Even though leaders of various political parties including Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi were appealing to the Union Government to take sincere steps for reducing the skyrocketing fuel price, the Centre had taken no step to bailout the people from this crisis.

“Hence, Mahatma Gandhi should advise the Centre to reduce the fuel price, which is essential for reducing the prices of all essential commodities,” Mr. Sankarapandian said after ‘submitting’ the petition to the statue.

The Congress cadres had originally planned to organise a cycle rally from Thathanallur to Kamaraj Statue in front Tirunelveli Railway Junction in protest against the fuel price hike. When the police denied permission for this agitation, they decided to submit petition to Gandhi Statue at Thatchanallur.

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