Forwarded as Received: Crazy Kind of Love

What Valentine’s Day? Love the national way, like our very own Kamadeva, says WhatsApp Uncle.

Bachchon… u all know that i hv been studying chinese culture and all… all sansar is saying that cheen is great superpower… greater than Bharat Mata also. So i said to me… Joshi ji aap hi ho chatur pandit… do all studies and know thai enemy (Chinese chanakya sun zu has said). But my family…. i must be honest with u all. My most priya chinese is not a writer about war or economics or all other things. It is a great chinese panditon ka pandit, mister muni Confucious! U see, let me tell u very frankly, i think u all… entire young generation shud read this great rishi (i hv spoken about him earlier also, but u all didnt even reply to my message par message)…

U all know why china is great?! WHat makes 11 jinping great leader (yes bacchon, Modi ji is 10 numbri, but Mr 11 is gyarah numbri :)))) My little JOKE!! Modi ji wont mind) In CHINA, all ppls follow advice of great rishi… AND THEY REMEMBER THEIR CULTURE and THEIR NATION ALWAYS!!!! In Cheen, they all do not celebrate Valentine Day… they do jashn of Qixi festival (seen in new Karate Kid, where young son of will Smith is doing all jackie chan kung fu is there, no karate).. bachchon… that is also festival of all young couples… they are doing light and all but not PASHCHIMI SABHYATA all part of china culture and history…

In india my own family is all given to pashchimi sabhyata…. yes beti Neha… santra of my eye… i saw all ur fb post from ur daadi’s account doing all selfies with ur BF for V-DAY!! DID U ALSO DO HUG DAY AND KISS DAY?!!!?????????? Before u say, hey daadu be kewl… dont be patriarchy!!! i want to tell… BF and all is ok… i am also modern… but why VALENTINE DAY?!!!

My family… we are proud sons and betis of mata and gau mata… if u all want to do rangraliya… dance with the music romance with the music… all is okay!!! BUT DO IT UNDER INDIAN CULTURE AND NAMES…. DONT CELEBRATE V-DAY. celebrate indian lover tyohaar… CELEBRATE IT AS K-DAY

Yes my family…. long before Sant Valentine… before itihaas even…. there was KAMADEVA!!!!!!! He is true indian….. not some foreigner…. how can bharatiyas celebrate luv in foreigners name??? Bachchon, love shud not make u anti-national!!! In china, they all follow Rishi Confucious’s lesson… Confucious say… there must be correction of names… all things to be good for nation must make correct name for themselves… I know what u think beti neha… This daadu is old fuddy duddy… he only wants to do Gita paath… But bachchon, humne bhi pyaar kiya hai… EVEN now for ur daadi we go for dinner and listen to loving ghazals and all Kishore da songs. but desh prem se badhkar there is no moh maya… i am toh saying go out on all days but do not celebrate love as videshi… do it in name of kamadeva the indian way!!!! FROM NEXT YEAR, DO KAMA DAY! That way u can do romance and india can be great lyk china….

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