Focus on pandemic rather than demolishing buildings of Opposition leaders, says former BJP MLA

‘About 1,700 persons waiting for over 10 days to get Covaxin as second dose’

The State government should focus on the pandemic, which is raging across all the districts, including Visakhapatnam, rather than demolishing buildings belonging to Opposition leaders, said former BJP MLA P. Vishnu Kumar Raju.

“There is no availability of vaccines and about 1,700 persons, known to me, who have taken Covaxin as the first dose have been waiting for over 10 days for the second dose, but the State government is unable to provide them the second dose,” he alleged.

“The medical stores are running short of drugs and common man is not getting beds in government hospitals. They are unable to approach private hospitals because of the exorbitant rates, but the government is not addressing these issues. Instead of focussing on these requirements, they are busy demolishing houses by engaging the GVMC officials,” he alleged.

Night curfew

The former BJP MLA was also critical of the night curfew. “What is the use of imposing night curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.. Instead they can do it from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. for better effectiveness,” he said.

‘Delay in test results’

He alleged that there was extraordinary delay in obtaining the RT PCR test results. “A common man has to wait for three to four days for the test results and is missing out on treatment during the critical initial days, due to delay in getting results. The government should see that the results are given within 24 hours, as private labs function, by employing more lab technicians and experts,” said Mr. Vishnu Kumar Raju.

He also also urged the State government to review the pandemic situation at least a week before the board examinations and then take a final call.

Mr. Raju said that the government should make drugs such as Remdesivir available to private hospitals also which are not registered as COVID hospitals, but treating coronavirus patients.

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