First Look motion poster of RGV biopic Ramu out

The controversial film maker Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV announced that he is going to make his own biopic, which will be made in three parts. Bommaku Murali is on board to bankroll RGV biopic- Ramu under Bommaku Creations banner and debutant Dorasai Teja will direct the biopic. Today RGV took to his Twitter to release the first look motion poster of Ramu.

According to RGV, each part will depict different phases of his life. In the first part, a young actor will play the lead role while a different actor will be seen playing the filmmaker in the second part. The third part will have Ram Gopal Varma playing  his role himself.

According to Ram Gopal Varma, the first part of this biopic will focus on his college life, gang wars in Vijayawada, his first love, and how tricked the producers to bankroll his movie Shiva.

Few days ago, Ram Gopal Varma was in the news headline  for sharing his opinion on  late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput case and his films. On Tuesday evening,  Power Star director Ram Gopal Varma took to Twitter to announce his biopic. Officer helmer revealed that the film will be made in 3 parts with a total runtime of six hours.

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