Fertilizer sale: Collector spells out dos and don’ts

The district authorities have cautioned fertilizer retail dealers against resorting to irregularities in sale such as bulk billing, diversion or excess pricing.

In a statement issued here, Collector S. Sivarasu said kuruvai paddy had been raised on about 6,280 hectares (ha), millets on 812 ha, oil seeds on 698, banana on 5,553 ha and vegetables on 17,317 ha in the district. To meet the requirements of the standing crops, 11,514 tonnes of fertilizers had been stocked in the district. This included 2,630 tonnes of urea, 1,543 tonnes of Di-ammonium Phosphate, 2,571 tonnes of Potash, 3,868 tonnes of Complex fertilizers and 902 tonnes of Super Phosphate available with the primary agricultural cooperative societies and private retail dealers.

Retail dealers should not sell the fertilizers above the maximum retail price printed on the bags. All sales should be done only through the Point of Sale devices using the Aadhaar number of farmers. No bulk billing should be done using a single Aadhaar number. Information boards should be maintained at the shops indicating availability of fertilizers and their prices. Registers should be properly maintained.

All dealers should have valid licence. Fertilizers allotted for the district should be sold only for farmers in the district. Retailers should not divert or purchase fertilizers from other districts. Violations would attract action under the Fertilizer Control Order 1985, Mr.Sivarasu.

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