‘Fact-checking of infoon Internet crucial’

Concerns over the authentication of the information available on the Internet are growing of late, Andhra University College of Arts and Commerce principal K. Rammohana Rao said.

Addressing a workshop on ‘Identifying Fake Content on the Internet and Fact-Checking,’ organised by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of AU, on Monday, he underlined the need for a mechanism to filter information flow and verify the facts.

Journalism and Mass Communication HoD P. Bobby Vardhan said technology had changed the face of information dissemination and checking the credibility was very crucial. Chairman of the Board of Studies D.V.R. Murthy said the Google had revolutionised information flow and it was high time it was regulated. Google Trainer-Fact Check Ravisankar Mudigonda explained how fake content could be identified.

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