Essar Power commissions flue gas scrubber

Aims to reduce Sulphur emissions by 25%

Essar Power Ltd. said it has commissioned its first flue gas scrubber at the Essar Power Hazira (EPHL) facility which is expected to bring down the sulphur dioxide in flue gas by 25% thus reducing emissions.

Kush Singh, CEO, Essar Power, said “The commissioning of scrubber has been accomplished despite the challenges we faced due to the pandemic. With the first one completed, we shall look at replicating it at other facilities of ours in future. Such eco-initiatives are part of our strategic plan to transition to green operations.”

Team involved with the project has put in place an innovative approach, wherein the scrubber was optimised as per the coal quality being supplied, and the emission norms targeted. In fact, the project was fast-tracked while maintaining all safety precautions, and executed without a single reportable incident.

Essar Power forms part of the energy portfolio of Essar Global Fund Ltd. (EGFL), whose investments are managed by Essar Capital.

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