Entry to be restricted on two bridges from today

Wholesale markets open only for retail shopkeepers

In order to prevent overcrowding in markets and wholesale shops, Madurai City Police will restrict movement of vehicles going from Anna Nagar and Tallakulam areas to places south of Vaigai river from Wednesday.

PTR Bridge and Albert Victor Bridge will be open only for essential service vehicles and for people going to hospitals and other essential work. Commissioner of Police Prem Anand Sinha said the main purpose of lockdown is to keep people indoors. They are allowed to come out only for buying essential goods in their neighbourhood to prevent overcrowding.

However, a lot of people go to East Masi Street and East Marret Street to buy vegetables and groceries during the lockdown. “We have placed barricades at important places to ensure that only people involved in essential services come out of their area for work. Otherwise, people should buy all essential goods in their area itself,” Mr. Sinha said.

After blocking major routes to East Marret Street and East Masi Street, crowding was avoided as only retail shopkeepers were allowed to buy groceries from the wholesale shops. Separate entries were made for the shopkeepers,” he added.

After cautioning the people against moving out unnecessarily in the last few days, the city police have started seizing two-wheelers from those who violated the lockdown norms.

Each sub-division in the city is monitored by a Deputy Commissioner of Police.

The city police on Tuesday booked 358 persons under Motor Vehicles Act and imposed a fine of ₹500 each. As many as 71 vehicles were also seized.

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