Ensure gallows for rapists, says DMDK founder

Violence against Dalit women continues unabated, laments DMDK leader

DMDK founder Vijayakant on Tuesday said violence against Dalit women continues though a law was passed 1989 to prevent atrocities against them.

“The only way to prevent violence against women and Dalit women is to implement death penalty for rape,” he said.

In Saliamangalam near Thanjavur a Dalit a woman was raped and murdered, in Siruvallur in Kanchipuram district a sexual violence was committed against a minor girl in 2019, in Ariyalur a young woman was gang-raped in 2017, in Ayanavaram a young girl was gang-raped by 17 men and in Namakkal district two minor girls were threatened and repeatedly assaulted by 15 men recently, the DMDK leader said in a statement.

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