Edamalakkudy takes further care

The already remote hamlet has gone on a self lockdown since July 1

As threat of local transmission surges, tribespeople of Edamalakkuy inside the Munnar Forest Division have announced a self lockdown to prevent the virus infection.

The lockdown came into effect from July 1 onwards.

Following COVID-19 precautionary measures is not a task for the people of the locality, as social distancing is a way of life here as each settlement is away from another one. So, while people elsewhere feel the pinch of the new routine, for the residents of Edamalakkudy, it is life as usual.

The lockdown has not changed much for most of the people here, as they rarely venture out of the hamlet. Their only link to the world outside is with Munnar town, where they go to purchase essential items, says Georgekutty, a former staff at the grama panchayat. Majority of the womenfolk are yet to even step out of the hamlet.

Though the grama panchayat has an office at Societykudy, Edamalakudy’s remoteness and lack of proper communication facilities have led to a panchayat camp office being set up at Devikulam.

Radio is the main mode of media in the village. As news of cases increasing elsewhere trickled in, people at Edamalakkdudy decided to tighten the curbs and went on a self lockdown, says Edamalakkdudy Vana Samrakshana Samithy secretary Ramesh. They denied outsiders entry into the locality, and if any one from the hamlet had an emergency to travel Munnar or any other town, they will have to undergo 14 days of home quarantine on return, he says.

With Eravikulam National Park also closed, movement of people has totally stopped. Only vehicles carrying ration and other essential items are allowed into Edamalakkudy.

The self lockdown has been appreciated by many in the government, with the Forest Department officials extending all support to the residents.

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