e-Beat system launched in two police stations at Cuddalore

Rolled out on a pilot basis in New Town and Thirupadhiripuliyur

The Cuddalore district police have introduced the ‘e-Beat’ system aimed at monitoring the real-time location of beat constables and to enable them to seamlessly update entries about their beat patrols from a smartphone.

Launched on a pilot basis in New Town and Thirupadhiripuliyur police stations in Cuddalore on Wednesday, the android application ‘Patta Book’ developed by Hecon Info Tech will replace the conventional beat register in which beat constables had to sign in to confirm their presence at the designated locations.

According to Superintendent of Police P. Saravanan, “under the age-old system, the constable on duty had to sign the beat register placed at designated locations.

This system was not fool-proof and constables could also sign from any location irrespective of the time they reached the spot.

“However, with the e-Beat system, the constable will have to scan his phone on the QR electronic code cards installed at designated locations including schools, ATMs, banks and panchayat offices.

“The time of visit will be automatically recorded in the app connected to a centralised server.”

Mr. Saravanan said the QR code cards were installed at 140 places within the jurisdiction of the two police stations.

Beat constables in the two stations have been split into four sectors with three police personnel in each sector.

The beat constables will now scan the QR code at the designated beat locations and function in three shifts starting from 7 to 1 p.m., 1-9 p.m. and 9-7.00 a.m.

Monitor activities

The electronic beat system will also make constables more accountable to the developments in their area. They will be able to monitor activities and respond quickly in crime prone areas and the data recorded in the app could be directly verified by the officer in charge.

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