Dysfunctional X-ray machine hits physically challenged

Patients forced to stand for long

A dysfunctional X-ray machine at the orthopaedics department in Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital is causing concern to physically challenged patients.

Since they are unable to afford consultation and other fee charged by private clinics, it has become a prolonged wait for rectification of the X-ray machine by the hospital.

According to hospital sources, the X-ray machine caters to 80 to 100 outpatients per day. The film print is readied instantly in an adjacent room and given to patients, who, in turn, take it to doctors for consultation.

Print fee

However, in the absence of the machine, they are now required to go to another location in the hospital where an X-ray machine is installed and pay ₹50 for the print, which is usually levied for other patients.

“Leave alone the financial burden, the main discomfort we face is the substantial time we are required to spend in the hospital because we have to stand in queues with other patients to get the X-ray taken,” Kamaraj, a physically disabled patient, said.

An aged patient from a remote village near Thuraiyur, who suffered a fracture in his leg, had to return home since there was no time for consultation because of the time spent in the queue.

Official sources say the X-ray machine in the orthopaedics department became dysfunctional due to wear and tear of a spare part.

The hospital authorities, a senior doctor says, have written to the manufacturer seeking replacement of defective parts and they have also sent reminders at frequent intervals.

“We are following up in right earnest to set right the X-ray machine as early as possible,” P. Mathivanan, Head of the Department of Orthopaedics of the hospital, said.

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