Drug scandal in Kannada Film Industry

Bengaluru police have been constantly working towards nabbing the people that actively indulge in procuring, distributing and consuming the drugs.  According to the latest update, Sandalwood director Indrajith Lankesh alleged that drug addiction was rampant in the Karnataka film industry in the backdrop of NCB busting a high profile drug case in the state.

Indrajith Lankesh further added that usage of drugs is  common among the celebrities. Meanwhile, NCB has submitted names of the celebrities found in the notebook of the accused.  It is being heard that NCB is  all set to issue notices to the actors, actresses and celebrities of Sandalwood including music directors.

According to Lankesh, there are many youngsters who come from affluent and powerful families in the film industry who have been consuming illegal substances and have rave parties frequently.

According to NCB, there are names of prominent Kannada actors and musicians that have figured in this drug racket. The commissioner of police Kamal Pant said that they were going to take strict action against anyone and everyone who was  involved in this drug racket as a consumer or distributor. The reports suggest that there was a lot of consumption and abuse of drugs in the private parties, that were held in resorts and getaways from the city that involved prominent names from the Kannada film industry too.

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