Driving away the isolation ward blues

Patients admitted on suspicion of nCoV are being provided with cable TV, newspapers

Long stay at hospitals makes anyone yearn to return home. More so, when admitted on mere suspicion of an infection or disease. The predicament of some of those admitted to the Isolation Wards of Sir Ronald Ross Institute for Tropical and Communicable Diseases (Fever Hospital), Nallakunta is similar. They have been admitted there on the suspicion that they might have contacted Novel Cornonavirus (nCoV).

In a first at any State government hospital, State Health Department officials have provided television sets with cable connection and newspapers in the Isolation Wards as an attempt to keep the in-patients engaged. The facilities were provided on priority basis.

Till date, five persons were admitted at the hospital’s isolation ward which is located in the interior part of the hospital. Whoever is suspected to be having nCoV is allotted a bed in the large hall. Only doctors, nurses, staff are allowed to enter the wards.

All the five in-patients were discharged from the hospital. Sources said that within a few hours of getting admitted, a few of them wanted to go home. In fact, one of them was persistent to leave and repeatedly placed the request with an official at the hospital. State Health Department officials said that anyone who stays at hospitals will get bored and will be anxious too.

“Television sets with a cable connection were provided to prevent them from getting bored,” said Dr K Shankar, superintendent of the Fever Hospital. Newspapers in three languages are being supplied to them. It was learnt that the in-patients are allowed to take their mobile phones.

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